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Procescom Connected?

In dire times for traditional telcos, that have been in constant suppression by the VoIP giants Skype and Viber alike, over the-top-services might prove to be the much needed solution that will turn the tide. One thing that all-IP service providers cannot offer, and what can make a difference on the market, is that with OTT services traditional operator’s mobile subscribers can keep their existing phone number even when going IP.

Procescom Connected? Service is fresh, smart and innovative OTT service that relies mostly on IP protocol, but when need be, it can use standard mobile voice and SMS protocols to it’s advantage. It is one of the world’s first universal communication services that allows users to make voice calls, send and receive text and multimedia messages, and share pictures and other documents. Connected? users can access all the service features from within the web client application, or they can use Connected? Android application on their Android enabled phones. Users with legacy GSM/UMTS/LTE mobile phones are also not forgotten here, as basic voice call and text messaging functionality is available to them as well.

The beauty here is that the user’s existing phone number can be associated with the Connected? service which strengthens the connection between the users and their mobile operator. In addition, each provider can create a pool of phone numbers (virtual SIMs) that will be associated with the service for all non native users (those whose phone numbers belong to different mobile networks). With this service, traditional telcos can extend their coverage beyond the physical range covered by their RAN and step into the uncharted territory sovereignly held by all-IP providers.

Connected? Service infrastructure consists of:

  • Procescom Service Platform which runs and manages the Connected? Service; and
  • client side applications that constitute user-available Connected? Service package.

Procescom Connected? Service Platform supports both SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols for GMTS/UMTS/LTE network communication.

In addition to being connected to the GMTS/UMTS/LTE network, Connected? Service Platform must be connected to the Internet in order to be able to communicate with web server on which Connected? web-site application resides. This is achieved by a TCP/IP connection.

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