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Personal Advertising

For many mobile operators, advertising is one of business aspects that most of them tend to overlook. With the ever-increasing number of mobile phones, there exists a fertile market for personalized and localized advertising and promotion. A key benefit of using mobile phones is to take advantage of the significant amount of personal information about users that mobile operators can gather— such as user’s interests and preferred ways of communicating (voice, SMS, mail, etc.) — in order to provide personalized advertisements and promotion offers, whilst preserving the user privacy.

The main field that Procescom Personal Advertising solution covers is the promotion of mobile provider’s own services, but it is also fully capable for marketing third-party goods and services. The advertisements are, according to the default service scenario, delivered to the customer’s phones in the form of push USSD messages which are sent as a good-bye message when terminating a user-initiated USSD menu session, thus providing elegant and the most unobtrusive way possible for communicating with the customers.

Procescom Personal Advertising can gather available user data from third-party databases, HLR, VLR and other available network elements, processes it according to the fully configurable set of rules and determine when and what to offer to the customer. Information that is taken into account when doing so includes, but is not limited to, users current location, preferred ways of communicating based on user-generated types and amount of traffic, current credit balance, activated services and promotions, etc. It can also keep track of USSD menu items that user selects such as sport results, news, weather, etc., and use it to profile customer interests.

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