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Portal Smartphone Application

Procescom Portal Smartphone Application provides an elegant, fast and user friendly frontend for services offered on the operator’s web site. By using our Portal Smartphone Application, users can check their balance, make credit recharges, activate and deactivate promotions, activate and deactivate value added services, get important operations and do much, much more. The application uses USSD code to communicate with the core systems wherever possible, so the operations are performed in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

Portal Smartphone Application, our Service Delivery Platform and our Balance Portal (which is built on our SDP) make an ideal, integral and complete solution for any mobile service provider. By using all three solutions, operators can achieve additional benefits than by using any of them alone. For example, by changing the items and behavior of the Balance Portal through an intuitive SDP web interface, committed changes will immediately be reflected in the Portal Smartphone Application, with no need for download and update of the previous version.