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During the past decade, the world of telecommunications was the one of ever-changing technology, fierce competition and declining profits. In such a hostile market, it is the survival of the fittest, and only those that quickly adapt and those that manage to minimize their operational expenditures have a chance to remain competitive and keep an upper hand on their rivals.

Procescom offers cost effective, innovative and reliable traditional products for traditional telecom operators. Our products are fully configurable, flexible and scalable. They follow our “pay-as-you-grow” approach in which you can purchase only the infrastructure needed for existing operation levels, as additional software and/or hardware components can be added at a later time as the increased traffic needs appear.

All Procescom products present fully redundant, scalable, fault-tolerant carrier grade platforms that are out-of-the-box compliant to both accepted and emerging industry-standards. Our products come with convergent multi-network support, and have been thoroughly tested and proven in practice.

We are able to deliver turn-key solutions that will increase value of any telecom operator’s network regardless of it’s size and targeted market segment.

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