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Know how your audience specifically is using mobile and develop campaigns that enhance that usage

Mobile promotions leverage the rapid market penetration of mobile devices. With mobile phone penetration approaching 90%, mobile promotions allow you to engage consumers nearly anywhere and anytime. As we continue to consolidate devices and find efficiencies for daily tasks, smartphones will become a quintessential part of everyday living-transforming into your credit card, GPS, blogging platform and more. This emerging medium instantly becomes a viable channel for launching promotions Through powerful digital incentives, such downloadable content, instant win games, and mobile coupons, your company can create excitement, drive traffic to an event or store, build an opt-in database, and ultimately improve customer loyalty and generate sales.

Mobile promotions are an effective way to leverage your traditional marketing channels such as print, broadcast and out of home signage. Not only do they allow you to deliver digital incentives quickly and easily to consumers' mobile devices, but they allow you to provide instant gratification to consumers.