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Roaming Buddy

Procescom Roaming Buddy service allows mobile operators to prevent the leakage of subscribers who are looking for VoIP alternatives to national and international phone costs. Roaming Buddy allows users to route incoming and outgoing calls to their mobile phones according to their location by using available IP/Wi-Fi data connection. SMS text messages are sent by using USSD protocol so no roaming charges apply. Roaming Buddy service uses subscriber’s regular mobile phone number.

Service is offered through a Roaming Buddy client application (Android and iOS version are available) which provides that the user is always available by dynamically switching voice-call connection to home network between available IP/Wi-Fi and GSM/UMTS/LTE connections. If the IP/Wi-Fi connection is not available, standard mobile service will be used for incoming/outgoing voice-calls, and the user will be notified that roaming charges will apply when accepting or making a call.

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