Services : Roaming Buddy

Roaming Buddy

Making and receiving calls with Voice over IP, using own MSISDN

Current Situation

VoIP providers can offer users international calls via IP/Wi-Fi access that is available in most locations. Mobile operators are seeking to avoid churn to alternative technologies and service providers, and the subsequent loss of revenue, by offering their own attractive convergent mobile-to-IP roaming service.

Procescom’s Solution

The Procescom Roaming Buddy solution provides GSM-to-IP and IP-to-GSM mobile services. The solution allows users of different devices to route incoming calls to their IP Soft Phone, GSM phone, or both, according to the location they are in (IP/GSM) and their preferences. For example, a user can be in a “hotspot” and choose to receive a call on either her laptop or through her mobile device (via her mobile number).

Roaming Buddy allows mobile operator to prevent the leakage of subscribers who are looking for VoIP alternatives to national and international phone costs. Mobile operators provide end users with the ability to simply connect their mobile phone to any IP networks. The end users can make and receive mobile calls over VoIP using ONE number, via their own Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network (MSISDN).

Roaming Buddy friendly call

Roaming Buddy receiving call

The Benefits of Procescom’s Solution

  • Offers subscribers attractive, low-cost roaming calls via the home network client
  • Ensures the user is always available on his mobile
  • Provides ONE number - Strengthens customer relationships and operator brand identity via the use of the same mobile number (MSISDN/CLI)
  • Captures new technology/market segment
  • Reinforces operator’s brand and logo on user’s phones
  • Provides a true hybrid solution between legacy GSM and NGN/IMS networks
  • Billing based on subscriber current location
  • Android & PC client
  • Roaming subscriber with WiFi connection (hotel, restaurant, hotspot …)
  • Diaspora with WiFi connection (home, restaurant, hostspot…)
  • Telekom ADSL users