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Service Delivery Platform

Procescom Service Delivery Platform bridges the gap between the telecom and information technology worlds as it enables development and deployment of new and attractive multimedia services.

Procescom Service Delivery Platform’s open design that is built on standards developed and accepted in the IT world makes possible to cross the technology boundaries and bring a wide range of convergent and blended applications. Procescom SDP makes heavy use of both web services and legacy and modern protocols (INAP, IMS, SIP, VoiceXML, MSML,…) as a means to interface to the IT systems in order to enable attractive next-gen multimedia, VoIP and other IP based services.

Be it that the operator wants to develop some of the traditional telephony services or some of the more complex and demanding convergent services, our Service Delivery Platform will provide for cost-effective and time-efficient service creation, orchestration and execution environment. Our Balance Portal service is a fine example of what can be achieved by using our SDP alone.

Procescom SDP can be cost-effectively scaled from an entry level system up to a large and geographically distributed solution in which the additional capacity can easily be added at any given time. Our SDP is not limited to specific environments and can be used to deliver services in all mobile networks, traditional networks, IP or any other network.