Balance Portal (USSD Menu)

The recent survey has shown that more than 50% of mobile subscribers check their credit balance at least once per day, and that 96% of mobile subscribers check their balance at least once every five days. Marketing experts would argue that the best place to put a billboard is the one that a lot of people frequent regularly. Therefore , in marketing terms, the Balance Portal would make an ideal place for advertising and products offerings.

Procescom Balance Portal is an advanced platform that enables operators to tap into new revenue streams by leveraging on new and attractive services: to improve customer base leveraging on personalization, to improve marketing campaign objectives leveraging on promotion, and to introduce advertisements as a new revenue stream. Additionally, Procescom Balance Portal will introduce OPEX savings by constituting a cost-effective self-care applications that avoid costly IVR and SMS queries to customer care.

USSD, despite its age, still presents very conventient,efficient and reliable platform for servicing both legacy feature phone and contemporary smart terminal subscribers

SOS Credit

Prepaid recharge when you have no other options

Procescom SOS Credit service makes it possible for subscribers to use money that they do not have on their prepaid accounts in the cases when they need to make an urgent phone call or send an important message.

Procescom’s SOS Credit is an opportunity for them. SOS Credit is available at any time, at any place. Recharge is performed in real time with immediate delivery.

Our solution is highly configurable and driven by rules-based service logic in order to enable operators to intuitively describe the conditions under which prepaid subscribers become eligible for activating a SOS Credit service.

Procescom SOS Credit service primarily relies on USSD menu subscriber interaction when activating the service, but also SMS and IVR options are available. What this means is that subscribers can activate SOS Credit by sending a predefined USSD message to the assigned service number, by sending a formatted text message to the assigned service number, or by interacting with an automated IVR system.

How does it work?

What is in it for the mobile operators?

  • Broader range of services.
  • Customer acquisition and retention.
  • Strengthens relationship with prepay customers.
Collect Call Service

Procescom Collect Call Service is a value added service which is very useful for all mobile subscribers, from any location, even when the subscriber has no credit or even while roaming. It enables subscribers to make reverse charge phone calls by sending requests to other subscribers to accept being charged for the call.

Additionally, mobile operators can use this service to automate sending reverse charge requests to called subscribers in cases where calling party tries to make a call and has insufficient credit on his prepaid account.

With Procescom Collect Call Service high rate of missed calls and revenue lost due to low credit balance of prepaid customers will be reduced significantly.

Collect Call Service is based on an USSD protocol and also makes use of a Procescom Service Platform's embedded IVR solution to simplify user interaction.

By using this service in a typical scenario, service initiating party is required to send an USSD service request upon which Procescom Service Platform will initiate an IVR voice call to the request receiving party offering to accept charges for the call. If the request receiving party accepts service offer, Procescom Service Platform will initiate voice call between the parties involved and generate appropriate CDRs for billing purposes. In case that the request receiving party is unreachable, does not answer the IVR call or rejects service offer, Procescom Service Platform will notify the request receiving party appropriately by a push USSD message.

An additional service scenario is available in which the calling party, with insufficient credit on his prepaid account, tries to make the call. Due to lack of credit, the outgoing call gets denied by MSC which notifies the Procescom Service Platform to make a Collect Call Service offer to the calling party by means of an IVR voice call. From this point on, service scenario is identical to that of the typical service scenario explained above.

Procescom Collect Call Service is offered in several flavors:

  • as a stand-alone solution (as a Procescom Collect Call Service Platform).
  • as a part of Procescom's Call Completion Services Package. or
  • as one of services running on Procescom's Dynamic USSD Gateway..
Collect SMS

Reverse Charge SMS

Procescom Collect SMS Service is a value added service which is very useful for all mobile subscribers, from any location, even when the subscriber has no credit or even while roaming.

Procescom Collect SMS Service relies both on SMS and USSD protocols to enable mobile subscribers to easily send reverse charged short messages. Collect SMS text message receiving party will be notified about a pending message with the sender’s phone number listed, and will have an option to accept or decline to be charged for it by means of an USSD menu session. Upon acceptance, pending SMS text message will be delivered to the recipient.

Additionally, mobile operators can use this service to automate sending requests to intended SMS text message recipients to accept to be charged for the pending messages in cases where the message sender (eg. prepaid subscriber) has insufficient credit on his prepaid account.

Messaging sequence

Operator benefits

Collect SMS is flexible and highly configurable so that mobile operators can easily change the way that service works in order to suit different requirements and needs.

Collect SMS is available to all prepaid and postpaid subscribers, even while roaming. Different billing rates are supported where the parties are both in their home network, both roaming , or one is roaming and the other in home network.

Smart Note - Call Management Control

Call Management Control

Procescom Smart Note is USSD based clientless interface that empowers users with a full complement of innovative call management & completion options. All of your end-users can instantly enjoy a seamless user experience with consistent look and feel, regardless of their device. Smart Note services are clientless and triggered completely automatically. They meet the needs of every user in the system — both the called party and the calling party. Each user can choose the desired services most relevant to each call event. Triggered by the system, the menus require no user education, and are automatically adapted for the specific call situation and for the parties’ capabilities, for example; the service will not offer the option to send an SMS if other party is a fixed-line subscriber.

In cases where the called party wants to use the service, he will reject the call triggering the service. Seconds later a USSD menu will appear on the handset screen providing a list of predefined SMS templates for sending to the calling party. If he chooses one of the templates, the proper SMS will be sent to the caller on his behalf.

The Benefits of Smart Note:

  • Increases Call Completion: More calls are completed so more revenues are generated.
  • Increases User Satisfaction: Users find the service highly useful and innovative.
  • Additional Revenue from Call Forwarding and from New Traffic: New calls are generated as users answer the messages.
  • Triple Using Smart Call over USSD: The service can synergistically converge with fixed, mobile and PC.
  • Increases Availability and Flexibility: Users can manage each call they make and get in the most optimal manner.
Lite SMS

Send SMS via USSD code

Procescom Lite SMS service is a flexible and cost-effective solution for sending and receiving text messages over the USSD service. It uses an intuitive and USSD menu driven sessions for composing message text and choosing intended recipient. Text messages are exchanged by using signalization protocols (SS7, Sigtran) so that the service offers reliable and almost instant delivery of messages to recipients in the form of push USSD messages.

Lite SMS also offers a way for the intended message recipient to respond even when he is not native to the Lite SMS operator’s network. In these cases, Lite SMS will deliver a text message by initiating a USSD menu session, so that the recipient can enter the response text from within the Lite SMS initiated USSD session.

For users with Android devices, there is a readily available Lite SMS application that offers enhanced functionality and look-and-feel of a genuine SMS client application. For other phones, a SIM application is available. These applications enable Lite SMS messages to be stored on the user devices as they intercept incoming Lite SMS push USSD messages and convert them to standard SMS text messages prior to being displayed on recipient device’s screen.

Procescom Lite SMS works on all GSM/3G networks, has no hidden costs attached as the USSD traffic is not chargeable, and works even while the subscribers are roaming.

The Benefits of Lite SMS:

  • Manages messaging capacity and quality of service.
  • Offers subscribers attractive, low-cost roaming messages.
  • Adds new revenue streams - controlling and monetizing service from roaming.
  • Reduces churn and increases revenue - enriches existing messaging services with enhanced features.
USSD Facebook

Procescom USSD Facebook provides access to Facebook from any mobile phone without the requirement for existing data (Internet) connection. USSD Facebook service extends the reach of mobile social services, provides an additional revenue point through a subscriber surcharge, offers greater customer acquisition and retention and strengthens the relationship with existing subscribers.

To use the USSD Facebook service, users are required to dial a mobile USSD access point. The service enables users to access all of the major features of Facebook: to update their status, put new posts on their walls, handle action requests from their friends, receive notifications of new posts to their wall, reply to Inbox messages, etc.

USSD Facebook works on most mobile phones – that is, all mobile phones that support USSD protocol. As USSD is used to transfer data to and from user’s mobile handsets, service provides an inexpensive, secure and reliable way to keep in touch with your Facebook profile.

USSD based chat (

Procescom Text.Me Service is one of the world’s first universal messaging services. It allows users to send and receive text messages to and from virtually any GSM/UMTS/LTE mobile phone in the world regardless of make, model or features. Text.Me Service is also available to Internet users, either through a web-site application or through a Facebook application. It supports full two-way messaging functionality between mobile phones, web-site and Facebook applications.

Procescom Service Platform encapsulates an USSD gateway functionality as almost all communication with mobile phones is made by using USSD code. What this means is that Text.Me Service related data, including text messages, which is exchanged between mobile phones and Procescom Service Platform is encoded in USSD code prior to sending through GSM/UMTS/LTE network.

Text.Me Service user-available package consists of client side applications which include Text.Me Android application, Text.Me web-site application, and Text.Me Facebook application, so each user can pick his own favorite Text.Me flavor. Based on this, there are at least four different ways users can send and/or receive messages: by using their GSM/UMTS/LTE phone and running an USSD code service request, by using Text.Me Android application on their Android GSM/UMTS/LTE enabled device, by logging onto a Text.Me web-site application, and by logging onto their Facebook account and using Text.Me Facebook application.

Procescom Text.Me Service supports both SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols for GMTS/UMTS/LTE network communication.

Airtime/Credit Transfer

Today, mobile subscribers have a variety of ways to recharge their prepaid account. Although buying top-ups at the kiosk is the most popular method for most people, more and more people want additional options: to send and/or receive top-up from other prepaid or postpaid subscriber.

Prepaid-to-prepaid or postpaid-to-prepaid transfer is simply another way to do top-up.

How can you send and receive recharge via a mobile phone?

Your postpaid or prepaid users will enter a guide by simply dialing for example * 100 # at any time, easily and simply, they can make amendment of any prepaid account by debiting their postpaid/prepaid account.

What is in it for the mobile operators?

  • Broader range of services.
  • Customer acquisition and retention.
  • Strengthens relationship with prepay customers.
Missed Call Notification

Missed Call Notification for Caller - Servicing the Caller

Taking a pro-active caller-oriented approach, this service alerts callers by SMS as soon as a desired party they are trying to reach becomes available.

Whether the called party is out of range, out of battery or simply busy on another call, the caller receives relevant information and the ability to re-initiate the call with a single click.

This eliminates the frustrating need to dial over and over hoping to reach the desired party.

Missed Call Notification for Caller provides value to users by ensuring that they can reach the intended party with maximum efficiency and convenience. The operator benefits from increased network usage and from turning lost calls into revenue.

Subscribers dial a number because they want to talk. Not reaching the intended party in situations like unreachable (switched off, out of range, out of battery) or busy on another call causes frustration that is often compounded by the need to repeat dialing. Procescom’s Missed Call Notification for Caller notifies the caller the moment the desired party becomes available and provides one-click connection. No matter why the call could not be connected, callers are assured that the network will let them know the minute the call can get through.

No further caller effort is required. The caller enjoys knowing that notification will come as soon as the called party becomes available. Missed Call Notification for Caller encourages subscribers to complete calls. Subscribers understand the service, see the value in it and are willing to pay for it.

Missed Call Notification for Called Party - Servicing called party

Procescom offers a complete and extensive Missed Call Notification solution .This solution is for the non-Voicemail customers and gives more call completion.

In most cases young customers and postpaid and/or prepaid subscribers do not make use of Voicemail (anymore). In some markets the use of Voicemail is just ‘not done’. In all cases the Missed Call Notification is a perfect solution to offer non-voicemail customers the rich functionalities of notifications.

With Missed Call Notification, an SMS can be sent informing the subscriber of the caller’s number and other information about the call such as date, time and the number of times the caller has tried to reach the subscriber. When the handset is reactivated or returns to a network coverage area the system will immediately send a notification of all missed calls to the subscriber. Missed Call Notification is based on Procescoms’s Messaging Server which a next generation middleware solution is enabling you to add a number of other call completion and media products easily once you have made the initial investment. This allows you to share components centralize functions and reduce complexity and costs while at the same time allowing you to introduce new services with a speedy time to market, keeping your customers satisfied.

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