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Virtual sim

In a nutshell, Procescom Virtual SIM provides mobile-to-IP and IP-to-mobile services. It allows mobile operators to capture some of the subscribers who are looking for international-to-domestic VoIP and text messaging service.

Procescom Virtual SIM service is primarily targeted at immigrants and people working abroad on temporary contracts which need to make frequent calls and send/receive text messages to their homeland by using a domestic mobile phone number. Virtual SIM users are required to purchase a virtual MSISDN number from the service pool which acts as a domestic prepaid mobile number. All voice calls and SMS text messages directed from/to this virtual phone number are transferred to the Virtual SIM service provider’s network over available IP/Wi-Fi connection.

Since many mobile operators offer flat-rate data plans to their postpaid subscribers, it is also possible to use Virtual SIM service over the mobile data connection in the 3G/LTE mobile networks to increase the service range availability. Virtual SIM service is offered on subscriber’s phones through an Android and iOS client applications which handle the traffic whenever there is an IP/WiFi network present. These applications also allow pictures and other files to be shared between the service users. A Virtual SIM web-app is also available.

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