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Procescom is privately owned technological innovation company with a strong in- house Procescom research and development team, Procescom R&D, focused on providing innovative, market demand-driven and customized solutions for Telecom Industry players.

Since its inception in 2006, the company has grown and matured into an industry- recognized authority for development of Telecom technical platforms, value added services and micro transaction solutions.

Our technical solutions are credited as carrier-grade high quality, reliable and commercial model flexible by many premium international Telecom technical vendors and are frequently deployed under different brand names as white labelled products.

Procescom XS – Procescom connectivity solutions are enabling mobile and other telecom operators to maximize revenues and improve attractiveness in a highly competitive environment such as Telecom industry.
By virtue of strategic partnership, Procescom offers high-quality VoIP services that are delivered over a private, global IP network and offer a virtually unlimited call capacity with flexible SIP trunk settings. Procescom XS connectivity solutions offer premium audio quality coupled with sophisticated VoIP trunk configuration options and the highest service reliability. Procescom with its partners provides a powerful two-way SIP trunking service globally, offering solutions to carriers and multinational enterprises, as well as enabling migration to IP from PSTN.

Procescom portfolio includes Procescom connectivity solutions – Procescom XS such as carrier-grade turnkey solutions deployed both on public or private infrastructure, product integration with telco OSS/BSS project management – Procescom PM, professional support, managed services throughout the product lifecycle, Procescom consultancy services – Procescom CS and Procescom research and development – Procescom R&D.

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