MVNE platform

Procescom MVNE mobile virtual network enabler MVNE platform is state of the art Telecommunications platform designed to enable cost efficient and fast startup of a new MVNO.

Procescom MVNE enables new MVNOs to combine two flavors of service provisioning: traditional SIM based approach and SIM-less (OTT approach).

Procescom MVNE platform incorporates all necessary BSS/OSS systems for seamless integration with MVNO host network and provisioning of native services (Voice, SMS , 2/3/4G Data) as well as additional VAS services.

Procescom MVNE platform also incorporates powerful OTT solution with all components and features of a modern Rich communication system (RCS): Super Rich Text Messaging (with Emoticons, Photos, Videos , Documents , Location sharing and dictation – speech to text) , Voice calls and Video calls

Key Benefits:

  • Procescom MVNE could be implemented both on public and private infrastructure.
  • Procescom MVNE, contains all necessary network elements for new MVNO launch: Procescom MVNA, Procescom MVNO, Procescom MVNE solution. Procescom Full MVNO solution and Procescom MVNE platform consists of following network elements: Procescom HLR, Procescom HSS, Procescom MSC, Procescom VLR, Procescom STP, Procescom BSS/OSS, Procescom Billing, Procescom OCS, Procescom SGSN, Procescom GGSN, Procescom MME, Procescom SMSC, Procescom SMPP Gw, Procescom USSD.
  • Cost Efficient.
  • Time to market on virtual infrastructure is further reduced
  • Full OTT Suite with Smart Terminal APP for self-care and service delviery

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