Procescom BSS/OSS

Procescom BSS/OSS is enabling MNO/MVNOs to quickly and efficiently launch, offer and deliver customized products to its customers for the purpose of upselling , ARPU boosting and retention.

The platform is interconnected with Billing , CRM and other BSS/OSS nodes of MNO/MVNO and it is able to segment the customer base based on certain configurable criteria and offer customized products to each segment.

Procescom BSS/OSS offers friendly graphical user interface to products promotion administrator, who can define huge number of different product packages and different criteria for customer base segmentation in short time.

Standard feature is promotion conflict management, where administrator has the ability to prevent simultaneous usage of multiple promotional packages or bonus bundles by one subscriber. The platform takes a special care about promotion package validity periods and recurrent billing and renewal cycles for product subscriptions. Once configured, the package promotions offering, activation and subscription renewal processes are fully automated.

Procescom BSS/OSS correlates information from multiple BSS/OSS network elements and data sources, and is able to provide excellent insight and awareness of customer behavior and potential needs. Procescom BSS enables customized product/promotion delivery automation, which is resulting in increased operational efficiency and ultimately increase in ARPU.

Procescom BSS/OSS is also integrated with self care channels (such as: self care APP, USSD menu, SMS and MNO website) for the purpose of customized products/promotion offering and activation.

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