Mobile messaging continues to be one of the largest sources of mobile operator revenues. The number of messages delivered daily in a typical medium sized mobile network is measured in millions, which increases loads and strains the network. However, this rapid increase of traffic is not followed by an equally proportional increase of revenues.

Procescom SMSC platform combines a rich and proven feature set with the flexibility of rules-based service logic to provide a complete implementation of a network operator's messaging requirements. Its content provider management features and on-board SMS routing capability provide sustained quality of service for content providers and their customers, even in peak traffic situations. The solution supports any combination of mobile network types and has strong on-board alarming, monitoring and reporting capabilities. It is, also, an ideal solution for mass-volume text messaging applications such as mobile marketing and mobile promotion.

Procescom SMSC enables interworking between 2G, 3G, and IP-based core networks, and conserves time and costs when it comes to network infrastructure. It is also future-proof, as it enables operators to converge the traditional messaging services towards the 4G LTE networks.

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