Procescom VIRTUALSIM provides mobile-to-IP and IP-to-mobile telecom services (Voice/Video calls and Rich messaging). It enables mobile operators to capture subscribers who are looking for Viber/Whatsapp type of user experience

VIRTUALSIM is genuine digital transformation tool for telecom operators who which to expand their services into the application layer of OSI. It can be deployed in multiple service scenarios : roaming number, diaspora line, hosted PBX replacement, NUVO, beta brand and others in order to deliver different service flavors to end customers. VIRTUALSIM can be configured to work in VoWIFI or VoLTE mode for redirection of native GSM calls to VOIP/SIP channels as per subscribe selection

VIRTUALSIM client is an smart terminal application (for Android and IOS operating devices) which offers rich user interface with plethora of features like :Voice&Video calls, SMS , rich instant messaging, location sharing, photo & video sharing and others

Key Benefits:

  • Modern user interface which is easy to customize and update
  • Delivery of native services thourgh smart terminal app
  • Integrated Self Care portal
  • Unlimited potential for new product development

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