Balance Portal (USSD Menu)

The recent survey has shown that more than 50% of mobile subscribers check their credit balance at least once per day, and that 96% of mobile subscribers check their balance at least once every five days. Marketing experts would argue that the best place to put a billboard is the one that a lot of people frequent regularly. Therefore , in marketing terms, the Balance Portal would make an ideal place for advertising and products offerings.

Procescom Balance Portal is an advanced platform that enables operators to tap into new revenue streams by leveraging on new and attractive services: to improve customer base leveraging on personalization, to improve marketing campaign objectives leveraging on promotion, and to introduce advertisements as a new revenue stream. Additionally, Procescom Balance Portal will introduce OPEX savings by constituting a cost-effective self-care applications that avoid costly IVR and SMS queries to customer care.

USSD, despite its age, still presents very conventient,efficient and reliable platform for servicing both legacy feature phone and contemporary smart terminal subscribers

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