Collect Call Service

Procescom Collect Call Service is a value added service which is very useful for all mobile subscribers, from any location, even when the subscriber has no credit or even while roaming. It enables subscribers to make reverse charge phone calls by sending requests to other subscribers to accept being charged for the call.

Additionally, mobile operators can use this service to automate sending reverse charge requests to called subscribers in cases where calling party tries to make a call and has insufficient credit on his prepaid account.

With Procescom Collect Call Service high rate of missed calls and revenue lost due to low credit balance of prepaid customers will be reduced significantly.

Collect Call Service is based on an USSD protocol and also makes use of a Procescom Service Platform's embedded IVR solution to simplify user interaction.

By using this service in a typical scenario, service initiating party is required to send an USSD service request upon which Procescom Service Platform will initiate an IVR voice call to the request receiving party offering to accept charges for the call. If the request receiving party accepts service offer, Procescom Service Platform will initiate voice call between the parties involved and generate appropriate CDRs for billing purposes. In case that the request receiving party is unreachable, does not answer the IVR call or rejects service offer, Procescom Service Platform will notify the request receiving party appropriately by a push USSD message.

An additional service scenario is available in which the calling party, with insufficient credit on his prepaid account, tries to make the call. Due to lack of credit, the outgoing call gets denied by MSC which notifies the Procescom Service Platform to make a Collect Call Service offer to the calling party by means of an IVR voice call. From this point on, service scenario is identical to that of the typical service scenario explained above.

Procescom Collect Call Service is offered in several flavors:

  • as a stand-alone solution (as a Procescom Collect Call Service Platform).
  • as a part of Procescom's Call Completion Services Package. or
  • as one of services running on Procescom's Dynamic USSD Gateway..

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