Collect SMS

Reverse Charge SMS

Procescom Collect SMS Service is a value added service which is very useful for all mobile subscribers, from any location, even when the subscriber has no credit or even while roaming.

Procescom Collect SMS Service relies both on SMS and USSD protocols to enable mobile subscribers to easily send reverse charged short messages. Collect SMS text message receiving party will be notified about a pending message with the sender’s phone number listed, and will have an option to accept or decline to be charged for it by means of an USSD menu session. Upon acceptance, pending SMS text message will be delivered to the recipient.

Additionally, mobile operators can use this service to automate sending requests to intended SMS text message recipients to accept to be charged for the pending messages in cases where the message sender (eg. prepaid subscriber) has insufficient credit on his prepaid account.

Messaging sequence

Operator benefits

Collect SMS is flexible and highly configurable so that mobile operators can easily change the way that service works in order to suit different requirements and needs.

Collect SMS is available to all prepaid and postpaid subscribers, even while roaming. Different billing rates are supported where the parties are both in their home network, both roaming , or one is roaming and the other in home network.

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