Lite SMS

Send SMS via USSD code

Procescom Lite SMS service is a flexible and cost-effective solution for sending and receiving text messages over the USSD service. It uses an intuitive and USSD menu driven sessions for composing message text and choosing intended recipient. Text messages are exchanged by using signalization protocols (SS7, Sigtran) so that the service offers reliable and almost instant delivery of messages to recipients in the form of push USSD messages.

Lite SMS also offers a way for the intended message recipient to respond even when he is not native to the Lite SMS operator’s network. In these cases, Lite SMS will deliver a text message by initiating a USSD menu session, so that the recipient can enter the response text from within the Lite SMS initiated USSD session.

For users with Android devices, there is a readily available Lite SMS application that offers enhanced functionality and look-and-feel of a genuine SMS client application. For other phones, a SIM application is available. These applications enable Lite SMS messages to be stored on the user devices as they intercept incoming Lite SMS push USSD messages and convert them to standard SMS text messages prior to being displayed on recipient device’s screen.

Procescom Lite SMS works on all GSM/3G networks, has no hidden costs attached as the USSD traffic is not chargeable, and works even while the subscribers are roaming.

The Benefits of Lite SMS:

  • Manages messaging capacity and quality of service.
  • Offers subscribers attractive, low-cost roaming messages.
  • Adds new revenue streams - controlling and monetizing service from roaming.
  • Reduces churn and increases revenue - enriches existing messaging services with enhanced features.

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