Missed Call Notification

Missed Call Notification for Caller - Servicing the Caller

Taking a pro-active caller-oriented approach, this service alerts callers by SMS as soon as a desired party they are trying to reach becomes available.

Whether the called party is out of range, out of battery or simply busy on another call, the caller receives relevant information and the ability to re-initiate the call with a single click.

This eliminates the frustrating need to dial over and over hoping to reach the desired party.

Missed Call Notification for Caller provides value to users by ensuring that they can reach the intended party with maximum efficiency and convenience. The operator benefits from increased network usage and from turning lost calls into revenue.

Subscribers dial a number because they want to talk. Not reaching the intended party in situations like unreachable (switched off, out of range, out of battery) or busy on another call causes frustration that is often compounded by the need to repeat dialing. Procescom’s Missed Call Notification for Caller notifies the caller the moment the desired party becomes available and provides one-click connection. No matter why the call could not be connected, callers are assured that the network will let them know the minute the call can get through.

No further caller effort is required. The caller enjoys knowing that notification will come as soon as the called party becomes available. Missed Call Notification for Caller encourages subscribers to complete calls. Subscribers understand the service, see the value in it and are willing to pay for it.

Missed Call Notification for Called Party - Servicing called party

Procescom offers a complete and extensive Missed Call Notification solution .This solution is for the non-Voicemail customers and gives more call completion.

In most cases young customers and postpaid and/or prepaid subscribers do not make use of Voicemail (anymore). In some markets the use of Voicemail is just ‘not done’. In all cases the Missed Call Notification is a perfect solution to offer non-voicemail customers the rich functionalities of notifications.

With Missed Call Notification, an SMS can be sent informing the subscriber of the caller’s number and other information about the call such as date, time and the number of times the caller has tried to reach the subscriber. When the handset is reactivated or returns to a network coverage area the system will immediately send a notification of all missed calls to the subscriber. Missed Call Notification is based on Procescoms’s Messaging Server which a next generation middleware solution is enabling you to add a number of other call completion and media products easily once you have made the initial investment. This allows you to share components centralize functions and reduce complexity and costs while at the same time allowing you to introduce new services with a speedy time to market, keeping your customers satisfied.

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