Smart Note - Call Management Control

Call Management Control

Procescom Smart Note is USSD based clientless interface that empowers users with a full complement of innovative call management & completion options. All of your end-users can instantly enjoy a seamless user experience with consistent look and feel, regardless of their device. Smart Note services are clientless and triggered completely automatically. They meet the needs of every user in the system — both the called party and the calling party. Each user can choose the desired services most relevant to each call event. Triggered by the system, the menus require no user education, and are automatically adapted for the specific call situation and for the parties’ capabilities, for example; the service will not offer the option to send an SMS if other party is a fixed-line subscriber.

In cases where the called party wants to use the service, he will reject the call triggering the service. Seconds later a USSD menu will appear on the handset screen providing a list of predefined SMS templates for sending to the calling party. If he chooses one of the templates, the proper SMS will be sent to the caller on his behalf.

The Benefits of Smart Note:

  • Increases Call Completion: More calls are completed so more revenues are generated.
  • Increases User Satisfaction: Users find the service highly useful and innovative.
  • Additional Revenue from Call Forwarding and from New Traffic: New calls are generated as users answer the messages.
  • Triple Using Smart Call over USSD: The service can synergistically converge with fixed, mobile and PC.
  • Increases Availability and Flexibility: Users can manage each call they make and get in the most optimal manner.

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