USSD based chat (

Procescom Text.Me Service is one of the world’s first universal messaging services. It allows users to send and receive text messages to and from virtually any GSM/UMTS/LTE mobile phone in the world regardless of make, model or features. Text.Me Service is also available to Internet users, either through a web-site application or through a Facebook application. It supports full two-way messaging functionality between mobile phones, web-site and Facebook applications.

Procescom Service Platform encapsulates an USSD gateway functionality as almost all communication with mobile phones is made by using USSD code. What this means is that Text.Me Service related data, including text messages, which is exchanged between mobile phones and Procescom Service Platform is encoded in USSD code prior to sending through GSM/UMTS/LTE network.

Text.Me Service user-available package consists of client side applications which include Text.Me Android application, Text.Me web-site application, and Text.Me Facebook application, so each user can pick his own favorite Text.Me flavor. Based on this, there are at least four different ways users can send and/or receive messages: by using their GSM/UMTS/LTE phone and running an USSD code service request, by using Text.Me Android application on their Android GSM/UMTS/LTE enabled device, by logging onto a Text.Me web-site application, and by logging onto their Facebook account and using Text.Me Facebook application.

Procescom Text.Me Service supports both SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols for GMTS/UMTS/LTE network communication.

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