USSi Solution

Switch USSD to SIP. Replacing your existing infrastructure due to 2/3G network shutdown, might be costly exercise for the Mobile Network Operators.

Instead, USSD migration from SIGTRAN to SIP is cost effective solution whereby you keep your existing USSD Gw and everything else is made easy by Procescom. In line with GSM Association 2G-3G Sunset Guidelines Mobile Network Operators should take into consideration the impact on the existing 2/3G services like voice, sms and data. The 2/3G sunset is a VPMN topic, with a potential high impact on the roaming.

Procescom USSD migration to SIP is inline with WA.01 (27) describing the best practises to close 2/3G networks with a business approach.

USSi Gw – Procescom USSD over IP Multimedia Subsystem - USSi Gateway bridges your existing SS7 mobile network with the rest of the internet-connected world and all this without you needing to make any changes to your existing USSD applications and services.

The USSi gateway is a SIP-to-MAP protocol convertor that enables subscribers – smartphone users to seamlessly use existing USSD services over 4G/5G. It also eliminates the need to switch subscribers over to 2G or 3G network to use USSD, which additionally frees-up network signalling and radio resources. As a result, it provides subscribers with a similar responsive USSD user experience to that provided by 2G or 3G. On top of this, USSi Gateway extends the investment and the lifespan of your existing SS7-based USSD services and infrastructure because it allows you to provide a seamless USSD experience to all subscribers, regardless of their handset radio technology.

Enabling network interfaces for both GSM and IMS, Procescom USSi Gateway makes the network's USSD technology transparent to both, applications and subscribers.

As the Mobile Network Operators gear up for full deployment of 5G, Procescom aims to keep you informed and if you are planning to declare Full Circuit-Switched closure and decommissioning of 2G or 3G, Procescom can support for migration planning.

As USSD specialist, Procescom has over 17 years of experience delivering innovative and monetizable USSD services.

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